ICLAM Awards

ICLAM may grant an award to insurance doctors and young investigators at ICLAM conferences. Award can be given for achievements in different aspects of insurance medicine, and on a lower level for conference posters. A full description of the ICLAM Awards and the procedure for application will be published later this year.

The 29th World conference (25th ICLAM conference) of insurance Medicine in Maastricht, May 2016, was the first time an Award was given, for conference posters. More information on the winners and their accomplishments can be found at the "Award 2016" page.

At the 30th World conference of Insurance Medicine in Mumbai, October 2019, there will be no poster sessions - and thus no poster awards. More on the ICLAM Awards and ICLAM 2019 will follow later this year.

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ICLAM Mumbai 2019